Tax services

  • Providing advice of taxes related to your field of work inside Iraq and providing you with any amendment of the tax laws applied in it;
  • Seraj Al Adalah has a financial department consisting of accountants and auditors certified by the Syndicate of Legal Auditors in Baghdad with attorneys who are well versed in the applicable tax law;
  • Preparing (the balance sheet) and certify it from Iraqi union of accountants and auditors in Baghdad and present it to the General Tax Authority;
  • Completing tax compliance procedures (for companies) and obtain an annual tax clearance letter from the General Tax Authority;
  • Following up on the tax obligation by the tax agent in coordination with the company in question to prepare all data and documents required by the tax assessor;
  • Issuing a tax clearance book for the purpose of participating in tenders and auctions;
  • Organizing the final financial report attached to the final accounts and certifying it by Iraqi union of accountants and auditors board;
  • Settling of fines incurred by companies (if any) ;
  • Paying the trust funds paid to companies with the General Tax Authority;
  • Settling of tax amounts payable to the General Tax Authority and limiting the value of the tax trust deposits paid to the company;
  • Opening a company tax file with the General Tax Authority, keeping all company documents and archiving them;
  • Issuing the company’s tax identification number registration certificate;
  • Issuing a tax Card;
  • Opening a file for companies with the direct withholding department of the General Tax Authority;
  • Obtaining a non-objection letter from the General Tax Authority for the company’s participation in tenders and auctions conducted by companies and government institutions; and
  • Issuing a letter of payment of dues entitled to one of the governmental or private authorities, upon the request of the company.
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