Iraq is a country steeped in ancient eras and has brought to humanity the oldest and most important Human Civilization and the headmost Legal Legislation.
Wherefore, we derive our insistence from this ancient history and look to the future with a clear vision in which our partners support us to provide innovative legal solutions where we face great challenges.
During recent years, We have achieved great growth and we have become one of the most important law firms in the country; all the time, one of our most important goals is to become and reputed by a solution-oriented, focused Law Firm and this is what we are dedicating to our partners and clients.
It is said in the common proverbs that the Attorney -at- law conveys what the clients suffer, but we prefer to say that we concentrate on how to solve the clients’ problems.

This part is our main concern and our Clients should know that we strive with great effort to know and understand their problems and find the best solutions for them. Glow-lamp Justice is the translation of the name of our office “Seraj Al-Adalah”. In short, the meaning behind it that the Client is the auditor and supervisor of the quality and reliability of our services.
We cannot accept customer dissatisfaction; It means that we are not working precisely, therefore we have a high-degree of accuracy and follow-up to our tasks. Clients trigger enthusiasm inside us; this is what makes us grow and develop at the same level as they grow because their needs are growing. This is what requires us to expand our expertise also, accordingly, we work under standards that we do not deviate from and we put them always before us, namely the:

Precise Work … Fast achievement … Excellent results.

Seraj –Al-Adalah _ Co-Founder and Managing Director
Muhammad Al Otaibi

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