Financial services

  • Entering and checking daily and annual records according to the unified accounting system approved in Iraq.
  • Opening the bank account of the Client’s company with an official authorization issued by the management of the Client’s company.
  • Organizing Employee’s forms with the Social Security department for the purpose of knowing the value of the sums payable to the institution as monthly subscriptions for Employees.
  • Entering and checking cash flow, receipt of receipts and exchange voucher transactions.
  • Submitting and auditing local purchase invoices.
  • Entering and checking bank deposits and checks.
  • Entering and checking extra purchases and costs according to the principles of accounting.
  • Submitting and verifying sales invoice.
  • Providing the necessary assistance in preparing credit and debit settlements.
  • Preparing the annual budget; and Preparing tax payrolls and annual employee tables.
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