Other legal services

Legal translation

Our company also provides all public and private institutions with a legal translation service under the supervision of legal translators as they translate legally the official and unofficial papers and certifying them by the official authorities.

Real estate management service

Our company provides real estate owners with a legal and discreet management service through investing or leasing them to others and representing them legally before tenants, investors and state departments, organizes discreet legal contracts in line with the interest of the real estate owner in accordance with the relevant laws, supervises the implementation and execution of contracts and represents the real estate owner before State departments and courts, i.e. Our company provides (legal guarantee) for private ownership and adopt all issues that arise when implementing the contract between the parties thereto.

Issuing security licenses

Pertaining commercial projects such as restaurants, shops, kindergartens, tourism companies, Real-estate broker offices, barbershops and other commercial projects

Real estate transactions

Performing real estate transfers and conducting all real estate transactions such as donation, insurance mortgage transactions, issuing official documents related to real estate and issuing building permits from the local authorities.

Retirement transactions

Following up the transactions of state employees with the General Retirement Authority and complete the other transactions related to the law.

The Legal Practices areas of the company

  • Commercial law and contracts
  • Joint venture agreements
  • Corporate law
  • Real estate and property
  • Transport, container transport and multimodal transport
  • Criminal law
  • Preparing necessary licenses for companies all over Iraq
  • Commercial Agency Law
  • Energy related contracts such as oil, etc
  • Banking Law
  • Shipping
  • Labor law
  • Tax and Customs Law
  • Drafting various business agreements in accordance with Iraqi law
  • Licensing
  • Foreign investment
  • Consumer Protection Law
  • The Pension and Social security Law
  • Familiarity with the processes and procedures applied in the free trade zones area in Iraq
  • Services and consulting:
  • Our scope of work includes providing accounting and tax services in line with the business requirements of companies operating in Iraq.
  • Tax consulting service
  • Financial, accounting and auditing services
  • Social Security Follow-up Service
  • Procedures for liquidation and cancellation of companies
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