Other Corporate Services

Seraj Al-Adalah provides all legal services for the  companies and financial entities, including but without  limitation:

  • Renewing documents and commercial licenses for national and foreign companies;
  • Keeping all data and documents with the Companies Registrar Department;
  • Adjusting the capital of companies, whether by increasing or decreasing;
  • All mergers and acquisitions processes and changing the company type;
  • Attesting all meeting minutes and certifying them from the Companies Registrar Department;
  • Conducting all transactions aimed at modifying the nature of the company and the purpose thereof;
  • Adapting the legal status of Arab and foreign companies’ representative offices and converting them into branches;
  • Changing the address of the national and foreign company headquarters inside Iraq;
  • Completing the transactions of buying and selling stocks;
  • Liquidation of the National Company and the branches of foreign companies;
  • Other services that the company may need; and
  • Obtaining official approvals, licenses, and issuing import IDs.
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