Legal advice

The legal environment in Iraq is considered a very complex environment, and that is why our company, through its legal associates, have sufficient experience to accurately diagnose the legal advice that the client needs inside and outside Iraq. Iraq is an attractive investment environment, and because of our distinction in this matter, we are avoiding our clients the potential legal risks, Especially in the oil, natural gas and energy supply sectors, and other legal fields, particularly in negotiation, representation, arbitration and mediation.

Corporate registration

Our staff consists of lawyers with long experience in the process of registering national companies and registering branches of foreign companies.

Our team will help you make the right choices, especially as we give you free legal advice in this area that shows you the positive and negative aspects that lead you to the right decision and thus success.

Our company gives you a legal consultation appointment service and a free chartered accountant for six months.

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  • Opening branches of foreign companies

Our company also provides investors and owners of Arab and foreign companies the service of opening branches of Arab and foreign companies to be able to start their business inside Iraq and encourage us to move investment inside Iraq, we provide to those companies all facilities that will inform the investor or the company of all iraqi laws, including the investment law, the Iraqi Trade Act and all laws of interest to the investor or the company, as the company appoints a legal counsel and a legal accountant for a period of free six months to provide all related facilities.

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  • Other services provided by the corporate division:
  • This section also provides all legal services in the life of companies and financial entities.Renewal of documents and commercial licenses for national and foreign companies
  • Save all data and documents with the Registrar’s Service
  • Adjusting the capital of companies, whether by increase or decrease
  • All Mergers and Acquisitions and Change of Company Type
  • Certification and documentation of all minutes of the meeting by the Registrar of Companies.
  • Conduct all transactions aimed at modifying the nature of the company and the purpose of its establishment.
  • Adapting the legal status of offices representing Arab and foreign companies and turning them into branches.
  • Changing the address of the national and foreign company’s headquarters inside Iraq.
  • Completion of stock buying and selling transactions.
  • Liquidation of the national company.
  • And the liquidation of branches of foreign companies.
  • We also provide the rest of the services that the company may need.
  • Obtaining official approvals, licenses and issuing import ids.
  • Registration of commercial agencies for foreign companies.
  • Our company provides a dedicated staff in the process of completing procedures for the legal registration of commercial agencies in accordance with the applicable commercial agencies law.

Inefficient companies

This section is for the registration of companies that are not effective and whose founders either want to sell all their shares or give them to other partners to be used to accomplish some of the work they may wish to complete without registering a company that may require some specifications that are not available, our company covers all the legal services of these companies for example:

  • Organizing the contracting process to use the company to protect the rights of the parties to complete the transactions of buying and selling shares

Industrial projects services

It is also among the services provided by our company to the owners of capital and businessmen services for industrial projects, including:

  • Establishing industrial laboratories

Our company provides businessmen, owners of funds and investors with the service of establishing industrial projects and completing all their papers with the completion of all security, health and other approvals related to the industrial project, issuing identities for the factory, renewing it and authenticating its official papers every year.

  • Other services:
  • Renewing IDs for factories and projects.
  • Transfer of ownership of industrial projects.
  • Obtaining approvals for factory work from official authorities.
  • All legal services for factories and industrial projects.
  • Providing legal protection for industrial projects.
  • Our company provides owners of industrial projects with legal protection by introducing them to their rights guaranteed by law and ensuring that all government and semi-governmental departments are reviewed and represented before them, including government and private banks.
  • Complete transactions to obtain loans and banking facilities for industrial projects with the required speed.

Litigation service and legal representation

Our company, through its staff consisting of the most competent lawyers, is entrusted with civil, criminal and legal claims, state employees’ claims, business claims, commercial claims, publishing court cases, federal supreme court and administrative court cases, and in detail:

  • Civil claims: debt recovery claims\/liquidation of estates\/rent-supfies\/compensation claims\/insurance claims\/ownership claims\/all real estate claims and related\/maintenance claims\/issuance of regular provisions … Etc
  • Legal claims: issuance of marriage contracts\/external marriage arguments\/conjugal proof\/direct divorce and separation claims and the resulting\/expenses claims\/custody claims\/issuance of legal provisions\/issuance of statutory provisions (inheritance inventory)\/issuing of all legal arguments: the argument of the after-death will\/argument of supporting custody\/argument of supportfor travel by conjugal\/argument of proof of the death of the argument\/argument of death\/custody\/guardianship of permission to marry a second wife\/proof of marriage to a second wife\/proof of death\/marital furniture claims … Etc
  • Lawsuits and arguments of the personal materials courts: Establishing all cases related to the Christian citizens and the Mandaeans, which are subject to the jurisdiction of the Personal Material Court and issuing all the legal arguments and divisors.
  • Criminal Cases: Review all investigation courts, misdemeanor courts, criminal courts, and trust persons accused of all criminal cases.
  • Labor Courts Lawsuits: Representing employers before the Labor Court \\ Compensating the worker for work injuries \\ Returning the employee dismissed from work \\ Claiming pension salaries for workers in foreign companies \\ Claiming social security for the insured worker
  • State Employee Lawsuits: Integrity Court Lawsuits \ Laws of the State Employee Court \ and all disputes that an employee may encounter within his department while performing his work.
  • Commercial Litigation: All disputes concerning the relationship of companies and state departments with foreign companies, including the  termination of contracts and the claim for compensation.
  • Suits of marine nature.
  • Federal Court suits.
  • Publications court cases.
  • Administrative court cases.
  • Intellectual property protection.
  • Dispute arbitration.
  • Customs action.

Preparing internal regulations and regulations

Issuing internal regulations and bulletins to update the obligations that arise in the work to establish the company’s internal policy towards its employees.

The formulation of a highly accurate internal system that addresses all aspects of the company’s development.

Organizing a management structure of the company that demonstrates the exchange of roles between the founders and shareholders.

Management and technical positions, how to distribute them, promotions and career changes.

The right mechanism for the process of introducing new partners with the aim of increasing capital and opening new branches of the institution or company to achieve future prosperity.

Intellectual property protection

Providing the best legal solutions in the field of trademark protection, patents, copyrights and copyrights, products of companies and national and foreign projects famous or registered with the Iraqi Ministry of Industry and representing their owners before the judiciary and requesting compensation from violators of their assets. Our company provides legal protection for trademarks of the products of national and foreign companies and projects famous or registered with the Iraqi Ministry of Industry and to represent their owners before the judiciary to prosecute their users and sue them and request compensation for their illegal use.

Services and consulates of Arab and foreign embassies

Providing all legal services to embassies, consulates and diplomatic missions of Arab and foreign countries located on the territory of the Republic of Iraq and representing them before the Iraqi judiciary and government departments and following up on the cases or problems to which their nationals may be exposed, whether moral or natural.

Regulating contracts of all kinds

Organizing all kinds of contracts, negotiating with others on their terms and requirements, proposing solutions to legal problems, pursuing their implementation, participating in negotiations before concluding government and non-governmental contracts, and claiming the resulting rights by consent and justice.

Insurance law

Seraj Al-Adala provides a comprehensive range of legal services in the field of insurance that our company, with its expertise in this field, provides consultations and represents insurance companies and their clients in all areas of insurance. These services include traffic and maritime obligations, transportation fees and charges imposed on cargo and also business obligations

Residence and immigration

Obtaining visas, residence and work permits for foreign migrant workers in the legal form

Obtaining temporary or permanent residence in different countries of the world for Iraqi citizens wishing to seek employment or residence outside Iraq, and to assist in the procedures for obtaining citizenship and naturalization.

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