Lawsuits and Legal Representation Service

  • Our company, through its qualified competent attorneys, take and act on behalf of the institutions and individuals in the following lawsuits:

    • Civil suits: Debt collection claims / liquidation of estates / tenancy evacuation suits / compensation claims / insurance claims / ownership claims / all real estate and related matters / dependency claims / issuance of statutory dividends … etc.
    • Commercial Cases: All disputes concerning the relationship of companies and state departments with foreign companies, including the termination of contracts and the claim for compensation.
    • Labor Court Cases: Representing employers before the labor court \ Compensating the Employee for work injuries \ Returning the employee fired from work / Claiming pensions for workers in foreign companies \ Claiming social security for the insured worker.


    • Family lawsuits: Issuance of marriage contracts / external marriage arguments / proof of marriage / managing divorce cases, judicial separation and its results / claims of alimony / custody cases / issuance of legal divisions / Issuance of statutory divisions (limit restriction) / issuance of all legal res judicata/ the will for the post-death res-judicata/ The case of custody / the case for endorsing travel with custodies / lawsuit of proving death / Deed of guardianship/ Deed of legacy / Deed for permission to marry a second wife / Disassociation res judicata / claims for death proof / marital furniture cases … etc.



    • Personal status court lawsuit and cases: Filing all the claims related to the Christian and Sabean Mandaeans that are subject to the jurisdiction of the Personal status Court and issuing all the legal arguments and divisions.

    • Criminal Cases: Acting before all investigation courts, misdemeanor courts, criminal courts, and act on behalf of persons accused of all criminal cases.
    • Lawsuits of Government employees: Integrity Court Cases \ Country employees Court Cases\ and all disputes that an employee may encounter within his department while performing his/her work.
    • Lawsuits of a marine nature;
    • Federal Court cases;
    • Publications court cases;
    • Administrative Court Cases;
    • Intellectual property protection;
    • Disputes Arbitration; and
    • Customs Lawsuits
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