Industrial Projects Services


  • Establishing industrial laboratories

Our company provides businessmen, owners of capital and investors with the service of establishing industrial projects and completing all their papers with the completion of all security, health and other approvals related to such industrial project, issuing identities for the factory, renewing it and authenticating its official documents every year.

  • Other services:
  • Renewing IDs for factories and projects;
  • Transferring of ownership of the Industrial projects.
  • Obtaining the approvals for the work of factories from the official authorities.
  • Reviewing all legal services related to factories and industrial projects.
  • Providing legal protection for industrial projects.
  • Providing the owners of industrial projects with legal protection by informing them their rights prescribed by law and ensuring that all government and semi-governmental departments are being complied with and representing them before such authorities, including public and private banks.
  • Completing transactions to obtain loans and banking facilities for industrial projects in due course.
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