Human Resource Governance

Organizing and documenting of labor contracts

  • Regulating labor contracts with the legal guarantees of the client’s company in accordance with the Iraqi Labor Law and the enforceable regulations and instructions.
  • Preparing and organizing the regulations and instructions in which the Client’s Company wants to run by obligating its employees with, which determine the extent of their discipline and their commitment to the company’s policies and amending such policies according to the requirements of the business interest and its changes.
  • Attestation of contracts by our company “SALS”, as an authorized party to organize and document contracts.


Judicial work

  • Carrying out administrative investigation procedures with employees in violation of work regulations and instructions and issuing legal recommendations to the client company’s management regarding imposing the appropriate punishment that is in line with the laws, regulations and instructions in effect, without the slightest legal responsibility on the client’s company.
  • Representing the client’s company in negotiations to settle labor disputes that may occur as a result of implementing labor contracts.
  • Representing the client’s company before labor courts in labor disputes, the parties of which may be an employee.


Work licenses, entry and residence characteristics of foreign workers

  • Visiting the Ministry of Labor and its departments for the purpose of issuing (work permits) for foreign workers and paying their governmental fees.
  • Visiting the Iraqi Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Labor and the retirement and social security departments for the purpose of issuing entry and residence permits for foreign workers recruited for carrying out contracted jobs by the client’s company inside Iraq.
  • Visiting the Ministry of Labor for the purpose of renewing (work permits) for foreign workers.


Training and Development

Training the Human Resources Department to enhance its administrative systems in accordance with the laws and instructions pertaining to the Labor Law and the Social Security Law, to develop their capabilities in the process of organizing legal documents for workers, and training them to draft labor regulations and conduct administrative investigation and personnel affairs procedures.


Social Security Law: This service includes:

  • Calculating social security for Iraqi and foreign workers.
  • Organizing the monthly forms and depositing them with the Social Security Department.
  • Maintaining the personnel registry and certifying it by the Ministry of Labor (updating the information of Iraqi and foreign workers in the registry).
  • SALS deposit the instrument (check) with the Ministry of Labor on a monthly basis
  • Register the contracts concluded with any entity that was under the Department of Retirement and Social Security and open a file for each contract.
  • Registration of projects and contracts and the inclusion of their employees in the Social Security Corporation.
  • Finalizing the final estimates to ensure Iraqi and foreign workers and obtaining the annual letter of safety from the retirement and social security department.


Direct Withholding instructions for workers:

  • Calculating the direct withholding tax for each Iraqi worker and opening a file for each of them in the General Tax Authority.
  • Opening a page to calculate the number of days of stay in Iraq for foreign workers.
  • Preparing monthly payment schedules and payment forms for foreign and Iraqi workers.
  • Preparing a tax permit for Iraqi and foreign workers on a monthly basis.
  • Pay the amount of the withholding tax according to an instrument (check) for the General Tax Authority.
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