The economic progress in Iraq since 2003, the development that took place to all sectors, and the flourishing of trade that was resulted from foreign – Arab and Expatriatescompanies› participation in the competition at the local markets in Iraq and investment were the motives to the national companies to be part of the development and progress to get the highest economic expansion to enrich private sector in order to support the public sector which cannot face alone the rapid changes at all levels and fields. The (i) need of these companies and entities to a legal firm base to maintain their rights to secure their investment activities and protect their capitals and projects and (ii) the importance of the legal consultancy as a necessary factor to raise the levels of these progressive projects which can be represent ted as a triangle with three angles: Money, Management and the most significant angle of the project the legal consultancy are motives for lawyers and legal consults bureaus in Iraq to move a step forward to meet the requirements of the development and progress in trade. Lawyers are the first class who comprehend and experience Iraqi codes and laws and they are alone capable to direct the legal consultancy job in the right path. Thus, we use this motive and intend to establish a legal consultancy company that undertakes submitting legal consultancy services in a level suitable to its clients either as persons or entities through working in compliance to valid and applied codes and laws in the country and work in integrity to pass obstacles that may cut the road to these national and foreign companies, investors, businessmen and businesswomen. We launched our company employing experienced lawyers who acquire their experience from working in judicial organizations and practicing legal consultancy in connection to social and economic fields. Seraj Al Adalah (Justice Lantern ) Law Company was established in Basra as this city has economic importance and being the trade centre of Iraq.