The involvement of Arab and foreign companies in works inside Iraq gave a great motive and a big push to businessmen, investors and those who are looking for an opportunity to enter Iraq. Many companies need more and more to organizations that care for visa requirements meeting procedures such as permission and security clearance and final approval by the related authorities for their staff and workers in Iraq. They are eagerly want to obtain the visas legally. Seraj Al Adalah Company for Legal Consultation and Services gives this subject a significant interest due to the problems that are faced by its clients through applying to visas via unexperienced lawyers in residency and immigration affairs. This leads to difficulty in obtaining these visas and required permissions for such procedures. Our company reduce this difficulty and facilitate obtaining visas legally and safely. We also work through wide network of public relationships and its partners of legal and investment companies as well as immigration bureaus around the world to obtain temporary and permanent residency permissions or nationalization via acquiring a citizenship for Iraqis who are looking for an opportunity and residency abroad.