Legal Consulting Services :
We render legal consultancy to projects, persons and companies working in Iraq or abroad. We also provide staff. We submit our services to private school, hospitals, clinics, sport clubs, business men and women, shareholders as well as physicians, engineers, actors and actresses, athletics, and politicians. Our company provides consultancy for private projects such as: restaurants, hotels, event halls, beauty centres, Auto Sale Showrooms, and other projects. Moreover, we serve legal consultancy for those entity and represent them in front o governmental and private organizations and private banks to finalize their formalities or to obtain official permissions required for official uses to end up their business. We also represent them in front of judicial authorities in case of filing a claim against them during practicing their normal business.
Preparing Researches and Studies in Law :
This service includes prepare and setting up researches studies in Law that contribute in developing the public organizations and persons› businesses. We provide these researches and studies and studies for international and national organizations which care in legal consultancy field. These researches and studies are aiming at shedding the lights to positive and negative aspects in applying laws or to exchange experience between the courthouses and judicial scientific academic entities.
All Types of Contracts Forming and Revisions :
Form and organize all types of contracts whether civil, commercial or administrative; such as (Governmental, Partnership, Work and Employment, Sale and Purchase, Rent and Lease, and other types of contracts either international of domestic. We revise and negotiate with others in relation to terms and condition that constituted the contracts, requirements, solutions, settlements, suggestions and recommendations that are connected to performing the contacts and their legal validity. We revise contracts of our clients that are signed with governmental and non-governmental entities and related to participate in tenders and bids and solve problems that obstacle contract performance and demand rights incurred by these contracts and settles conflicts and disputes amicably or judicially.
Panels Particles and By-Laws Preparatio :
We prepare panels and by-laws to all governmental and non-governmental establishments and organizations besides projects and private and public companies .
Legal Consult Services for Embassies and Arab and Foreign Consulates :
We offer legal consult services for embassies, consulates, and diplomatic commissions both Arab or foreign that exist in Iraq. we are ready to represent them in front the Iraqi Judicial Authority and governmental offices and departments. In addition, we follow up their cases and issues and settle all disputes or problems that may face their members both personnel and entities.
Intellectual Property Right Protection :
Seraj Al Adalah (Justice Lantern) Law Company is a specialized company in registering and protecting Intellectual Property Rights. This is done through employing expert lawyers in that field. We provide services to enhance and defend such rights as they are considered as precious commercial capital. This right includes:
(i) Registering and protecting Trademarks.
(ii) Registering Patents.
(iii) Registering and protecting publishing copyrights Our company provides also the legal protection for famous trademarks of organizations and national and foreign projects at Iraqi Ministry of Industry and represent their owners at courthouses and judicial authorities to pursuit their illegal users and suit them and demand compensation.
Companies Services :
Seraj Al Adalah (Justice Lantern) Law Company is very aware to work accuracy, thus, it perform the work by employing specialized lawyers who enjoy wide experience and comprehension in companies business types to submit the high quality legal consultancy services to national and international organizations.
Legal Development and Training :
Our company holds training specialized courses in legal consultancy. It conducts Symposiums to contribute in developing establishments works (both private and public). It prepares awareness and training courses for persons and entities in law following international standards and employing competent personnel from all over the world. It opens training centres and institutes for conducting training courses and develops the awareness in law and its fields inside Iraq and abroad.
Legal Certified Translation Service :
Our company provides legal certifies professional translation service for all establishments (both private and public). This service is provided by legal sworn translators, who translate both official and non-official documents with endorsement by the related authorities.
Industrious Projects Service :
This service includes the following activities that are offered to investors and businessmen in relation to industrious projects
Management of Real Estate and Assets :
Our company offers a full management of real estates and assets for investors. This management is conducted by undertake renting these assets and represent the owners in front of tenants and other investors as well as governmental offices. It also includes organizing and forming profitable contracts for the benefit of landlords and in compliance to related laws and instructions. We also represent the landlords in front of governmental offices and courthouses, i.e., providing a legal support for the property and undertake to defend in all claims when performing the contract and its two parties.
Residency and Immigration Abroad :
The involvement of Arab and foreign companies in works inside Iraq gave a great motive and a big push to businessmen, investors and those who are looking for an opportunity to enter Iraq. Many companies need more and more to organizations that care for visa requirements meeting procedures such as permission and security clearance and final approval by the related authorities for their staff and workers in Iraq. They are eagerly want to obtain the visas legally. Seraj Al Adalah Company for Legal Consultation and Services gives this subject a significant interest due to the problems that are faced by its clients through applying to visas via unexperienced lawyers in residency and immigration affairs. This leads to difficulty in obtaining these visas and required permissions for such procedures. Our company reduce this difficulty and facilitate obtaining visas legally and safely. We also work through wide network of public relationships and its partners of legal and investment companies as well as immigration bureaus around the world to obtain temporary and permanent residency permissions or nationalization via acquiring a citizenship for Iraqis who are looking for an opportunity and residency abroad.
Claiming Service :
Our company offers by its distinctive staff of lawyers who are specialized in claiming in both criminal and civil procedures claims and Family Court, public service, work, commercial, publishing and opinion courthouse, Supreme Federal Courthouse and Administrative Courthouses claims .