Introduction about Seraj Al Adalah :

Our company started its business in Basra – capital of national Iraqi economy- with constant and firm and constant procedures since 2010 as a law office consisting of number of attorneys, chartered accountants and legal translators through which we earned trust of our clients; and due to recent economic growth and our will to expand our business and to cope with economic development, we established ‘’Seraj Al Adalah Company for Legal Services’’ to cover all Iraq provinces and to achieve popularity among businessmen, private companies and government and non-government institutions, through which we represented many private and international companies operating in Iraq in front of State institutions and directorates. We also registered and established many industrial projects and provided them with reputable legal support when they commenced their business and achieved success and popularity. Seraj Al Adalah was and still is an important attribute to the civil society organizations (NGOs) that we contributed to their studies and legal searches in different disciplines, and it also organized internal policies for private companies and non-governmental organizations. We hope to be an ace so to preserve rights and spread legal awareness and culture among all




Our company is proud to own legal and administrative firm organization and hard working staff of lawyers, consultants, chartered accountants, and many administrative and legal staff.